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Let’s be real. Some of us only get involved in this industry for the money. Those of us who are in it for another reason still recognize that the possibly of making good money is a major bonus. In this blog we’re going to go over some things you should know when making money as a cam model. 

Money: The Technical Shit

Q: How much can I expect to make as a cam girl?

A: It’s near impossible to estimate how much you can expect to make as a cam model since it ranges so dramatically. As a person who put in mediocre effort, and broadcasted a few nights a week, I made $600CAD biweekly. That was my personal experience, but just because you make a different amount does not make you any better or worse. There are slow weeks online, and sometimes you get really lucky with who joins your chat.

Q: How much money am I actually making?

A: Cam websites have their users purchase tokens. Said tokens are typically bought in bundles, and are used by the viewers to tip their favourite broadcasters. While I can’t speak for other platforms, the website I used paid models 5 cents for each token they were tipped. So, if a model were to make 1,000 tokens, they’ve just made $50. 

1,000 x 0.05 = 50

Q: Someone offered to pay me outside of tokens. Should I accept?

A: You will come across people who say they want you to profit entirely from their tips, rather than having the website take a portion. While this may seem nice, be very cautious of accepting money in any form other than tokens.

-Don’t use pay pal. It states clearly in their guidelines that pay pal is not for such use, and if caught your account will be closed.

-Don’t ever accept direct e-transfers. You never want a client to have any kind of access to your real life information, no matter how well you think you know them.

-If you’re reading this, I assume you care about your personal safety. For this reason, I think my next point is redundant but I’ll just throw it in anyway. People have offered to meet up to pay me huge amounts in cash, and I’ve always declined. If you ever receive such an offer, please be smart. No matter the promised pay, always decline any real life interaction. 

-It is okay, however, to accept Amazon gift cards under an account made for your cam model persona. Just make sure that you receive, and claim the gift card before providing your service since gift cards can be retracted.

Q: What about taxes?
A: The thing about having a typical job is that taxes are automatically deducted from your pay cheque. This is not the case for cam girls, and no, it isn’t because you don’t have to pay them. I recommend putting away a fourth of every pay cheque to have ready for the government when tax season comes around. It’ll suck when you see how much you have to put away, but you’ll thank me for this later. Besides, you’ll most likely end up putting away more money than you needed to, and this will essentially be a tax return.

If you were hoping this blog post was going to be less about the technical side of things, and more about increasing your monetary flow, don’t worry! That blog is only a few weeks away. Be sure to check next week for tips and tricks on getting more views. There will also be a special announcement so be sure to check it out!

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