A Short Guide on Poop

So here’s the deal: I had planned to do an entire week about anal on camera. I had a few ideas such as reviewing anal sex toys, bleaching your butt, and so on. The problem was that I couldn’t come up with enough material for each post, and frankly I’m simply not interested in butt stuff so I decided to drop that idea. The upside is that you guys get a bonus post out of it! Enjoy this quick blog about now pooping yourself while taking dildo anally, and on a cam website.

Not Pooping Yourself

So, you’ve decided to do an anal show, or maybe you’re reading this because you want to privately try butt things. Whatever the case, here’s a few quick tip on avoiding everyones nightmare: accidentally pooping yourself.
The #1 tip is simple. Poop a few hours before you put anything in your butt. You can’t accidentally let go of something that isn’t there. The second tip is to eat a lot of fibre, so that tip #1 is possible. Some professionals also recommend eating bland foods, rather than spicy foods to not upset your bowels.

P.S. It’s going to feel like you’re pooping yourself. Calm down, you most likely aren’t.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Looking Clean

There’s probably going to be a camera getting some up-close and personal shots of your butt, so you want to make sure it looks clean. Obviously, the best and safest way to clean yourself up is to just shower with warm water and mild soap. Some people also chose to douche. This typically isn’t recommended, but is not harmful when done in moderation.

Okay, so now you know a little more about poop. Check back Friday for the regular post of the week!

Love always,



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