Pt 2: What I Would Do Differently

To catch you up to speed, I’m considering going back to being a cam model. Click HERE to see Part One. Here’s what I’d do differently the second time around:

Social Media

I’d keep Twitter. Actually, I think I would use the same Twitter as I use now for this blog to promote the site to cam clients. I’m pretty unsure about that, but what I’m positive about is that I would never download Snapchat again. If you have read my older posts, you know that I hated that app, as it made me feel like I was constantly working. It was home of the unsolicited dick pics, and dudes who thought they’d bought a cyber-girlfriend.

Standing Out

The last time I cammed, I spent most of my shows on my rug in my bedroom. Sure, I did okay with my Lovense shows, and such but I didn’t have anything that made me stand out from the other girls. This time I plan to get a pole and put it to good use. Another idea I had is having another person (who isn’t Rosie) come on screen with me for a couples show.

woman in white dress hanging on pole
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Private Message

I had a really bad habit of responding to my regulars in the private message, even when they hadn’t paid for it. It took my attention off the main screen, and there were times where it felt overwhelming to flip back and forth through the people messaging me. This time around, I vow to only open the private messages if they’ve been paid for.


What did you think? Ex-cam models, what would you change about your experience camming? Check back next week for an interview from a fellow cam girl.

Love always,

3 thoughts on “Pt 2: What I Would Do Differently”

  1. Thanks for your update. As a life coach for sex workers of many years experience I have a number of models new and veterans who enjoy my visits. I do not visit for sex. They appreciate that I stop by from time to time and when I do they seem quite happy to seem and completely enjoy the exchange. I often feel teary eyed when I see how hungry they are for someone in the mix who seems to offer them some good wisdom, some thoughtful words and a moment of non sexual exchange. But, as you have said, and I am well aware, this is their job and they need to be with their paying visitors. I will use more discretion while on their pages to acknowledge their time and try to get more feedback from them about if they want me to stay a while without expecting too much. Also I will endeavor to keep my messages shorter. These ladies are uninterested in me paying them tokens, in fact they probably would be paying me if they could, nevertheless your advise is well taken and I think we will benefit on this end from what you have posted here. Keep them coming. I love reading your stuff. Namaste, Evanu


      1. Hey … Your heart has received a calling from a much higher place as has mine to share your truth. I also have great respect and admiration for many of the cam models because of their honesty and openness. I find that even the well seasoned professionals are grooming their visitors to be kind and seek more noble values. I love how they use the term “rude”. Yes, we are often so rude and brutish even without know it. We males are also being groomed to deeply understand females in an amazing new way. I am writing about these nuances with the hope that this venue will assist us male and female in the needed self discovery for personal growth and self actualization. Please peruse my blog. I will be sending my model friends to yours. Perhaps we can put our heads together in some unique fashion for greater strength here. Would you consider collaborating with me on some project? Best regards, – Evanu


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