What Cam Models Can’t Do

When I was a cam model, I once had a guy offer to tip me in exchange for peeing on camera. While I declined for personal reasons, I didn’t know at the time that if I had done that, I could’ve ended up suspended or banned from the site. Chaturbate, like all sites, have policies that disallow you to do certain things on camera. Here are the ones you should know:

  1. Drugs- Do them off camera.
  2. A Minor Appearing on Screen- Not only can they ban you for this, but they can also contact authorities in your region.
  3. Beastiality- This includes inanimate objects shaped like animals.
  4. “Goatse”- Stretching your asshole excessively wide.
  5. IRL Prostitution- Stay safe, my loves.
  6. Broadcasting in Public- You can broadcast outside, though, as long as it’s on private property that can’t be seen from other properties.
  7. Bodily Fluids- To quote the terms and conditions on the site, “Displays or reference to¬†menstruation, vomit, feces, or urine are not permitted.”
  8. Multiple Men Cumming on a Woman’s Face- Self-explanatory?
  9. Incest- Lot’s of people fantasize about it, but don’t do it.
  10. Intoxicated- Gotta be sober, girlfriend.
  11. Re-directing to Third Parties- You can’t even type the word “Skype” on Chaturbate, your message won’t send it if has that word in it.
  12. Sleeping- whether real or not, you can’t show anybody sleeping on camera.

If you’re looking to do, or see these things, maybe check out a porn site? Thanks for reading! See you next week.


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