Camming & Confidence

Self confidence is something many of us struggle with, and the cam world can both help and hinder a persons experience with it.

Con: some compliments suck…

As a cam model, you’re going to get people fetishize things you don’t necessarily like about yourself. Personally, I got people “compliment” me on my chubby belly, or they’d say obscenities about my lady bits that made me question my own attractiveness. It’s important to remember that these people are fetishizing, so even though their pointing it out may make us unsettled, they’re saying it because to them it’s hot.

Pro: … but most don’t! 

Sure, you’ll get the comments you hate, but for every dumb comment, there’s ten good. Most want to shower you in compliments regarding just how gorgeous, and sexy you are. These same viewers will typically also jump down the throats of trolls.

Con: it’s easy to compare your body to others.

When you use a website that hosts incredible amounts of stripping models, it can be hard not to look. Whether it’s for your own sexy time, to find ideas and inspiration, or to befriend fellow models, you will most likely visit another girls chat. In doing this, most of us compare our own bodies to our smaller, smarter, more ravishing camming counterparts, which can be damaging to our own self-image.

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Pro: learning your body is a confidence boost.

A big reason I enjoyed camming was that I learned so much about my own body. Learning how to make myself genuinely cum, my likes and dislikes, made me more confident in my real life.

Con: your income may not be what you expected. 

Okay, so maybe the start is a little slower than you thought, and you’re discouraged by your cash flow. It’s hard not to equate tips and self worth, but remember your profits are not only determined by your attractiveness, but also by your hours punched, promotions, networks ect.
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Pro: someone is paying you to be your sexy self! 

No matter what your income is though, you need to remember someone is paying you because you’re hot. Talk about a confidence boost.


Thank you for reading todays post. With Christmas quickly approaching, I hope you’re taking this time to be with family, eat good meals, and dress up in sexy Christmas lingerie on camera.

Love always,

One thought on “Camming & Confidence”

  1. iluvit! Confidence is something we really gain when we feel relaxed and free to operate within the realm of our own talents. It is so true that when we compare ourselves to others our confidence sometimes suffers. This is why self discovery and self acceptance is so important. I believe you are right when you say suggest that the camming venue reinforces our talents whatever they may be. Even, the flabby belly when we have criticized ourselves no longer has the power to discourage us when it begins to receive compliments. Funny! But, once that that confidence begins to grow it is interesting how quickly the flabby belly begins to flatten. There are so many cool things you speak about, Amy. Love your posts!


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