Interview: Couples on Cam

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between solo and couples camming? Here is the interview I did with Ed & Krystal regarding their experience.

Are you dating in real life?
We are an actual couple. We’ve been together, off and on, for 3 years. We enjoy a “semi-open” relationship as we invite girls on the show and Krystal will share me with them.

Do you think couples get more tokens and views than solo performers? Why or why not?
Couples vs. singles is probably a lot closer than you would think. But I would guess that couples get more views based on what I’ve seen. We do both couple and singe shows, and we generally get more viewers when we do shows together.

Do you only do couples shows? Or do you individually do solo shows as well?
We do both kinds of shows because our viewers  like to get one-on-one attention. But they love to see us together too. It really just depends on the mood of the rooms sometimes. If the solo thing isn’t coming across like we want, we’ll switch to a couples show.

From time to time, one person may receive more attention than the other. Does this ever bring up feelings of jealousy? If so, how do you cope with it?
We have a funny situation related to that. I built a decent following doing solo shows while Krystal was…….well…. she was in jail – but that’s a story for another time. LOL. And this group of loyal followers never fail to let Krystal know they are there to see me for the most part. Example: We were doing a threesome show and I had to step off camera for a second, to talk to someone at the door. While I was gone the girls were sitting there visiting with the viewers and they were flooded with “Where’s Ed?!” and “Is Ed coming back soon?!”. Two beautiful girls sitting naked on my bed, and the room wanted me back on cam. We have a great sense of humour about it, so it doesn’t bother us much. The best way to cope with any kind of jealousy issues is to just communicate boundaries and set up “rules” before uncomfortable situations create opportunities for jealous feelings.


Do you feel camming helps your relationship, or is it strictly for financial gain?
It started as a way to spice things up in the bedroom, but it quickly turned into more. Somehow, we felt closer to each other by sharing our most intimate things with total strangers. It built a sense of trust between us that has bled over into our everyday life. We are a team now, striving for the same goals. The money is great and we love our big tippers, but we are not in it for the cash.

Whose idea was it to start camming?
It was totally, and 100% Krystal’s idea. She was surprised I even agreed to do it! It just wasn’t in my character to do something like that. I was married for almost 20 years and had 7 kids before I met Krystal so this was outside my comfort zone. But I took to it pretty fast and found out a lot about myself in the process. Now I wish I had started a lot sooner!

Thank you so much to Ed and Krystal for agreeing to do this interview.
Be sure to check out their twitter here
And most importantly, here is their chaturbate link. As stated above, they aren’t in it for the money but who doesn’t love a good tip?

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“Mods”- A Quick Run Down

Once you’re deep into the camming world, it can be hard to keep up with your chat rooms while simultaneously performing. Thankfully, one of your awesome fans will most likely offer to moderate your chat.

Here’s what your “mod” should do:
-Answer repetitive questions
-Learn your tip menu, and inform new viewers
-Silence disrespectful users (up to 6 hours)

woman standing beside door inside room
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Here’s what they shouldn’t do:
-Go on a power trip “squishing greys¹”
-Demand free services in return
-Neglect your broadcast

Some users suggest “trial runs” with potential mods where they only allow them to run the chat for one day. That way you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of retracting the responsibilities.

All moderators are different: some do it for free, some in exchange for services or tokens. Figure out what’s best for you- know your worth + tax.

Happy camming.
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1. Squishing greys: silencing undeserving grey users (no tokens) for fun.

Camming & Confidence

Self confidence is something many of us struggle with, and the cam world can both help and hinder a persons experience with it.

Con: some compliments suck…

As a cam model, you’re going to get people fetishize things you don’t necessarily like about yourself. Personally, I got people “compliment” me on my chubby belly, or they’d say obscenities about my lady bits that made me question my own attractiveness. It’s important to remember that these people are fetishizing, so even though their pointing it out may make us unsettled, they’re saying it because to them it’s hot.

Pro: … but most don’t! 

Sure, you’ll get the comments you hate, but for every dumb comment, there’s ten good. Most want to shower you in compliments regarding just how gorgeous, and sexy you are. These same viewers will typically also jump down the throats of trolls.

Con: it’s easy to compare your body to others.

When you use a website that hosts incredible amounts of stripping models, it can be hard not to look. Whether it’s for your own sexy time, to find ideas and inspiration, or to befriend fellow models, you will most likely visit another girls chat. In doing this, most of us compare our own bodies to our smaller, smarter, more ravishing camming counterparts, which can be damaging to our own self-image.

photography of woman wearing santa hat
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Pro: learning your body is a confidence boost.

A big reason I enjoyed camming was that I learned so much about my own body. Learning how to make myself genuinely cum, my likes and dislikes, made me more confident in my real life.

Con: your income may not be what you expected. 

Okay, so maybe the start is a little slower than you thought, and you’re discouraged by your cash flow. It’s hard not to equate tips and self worth, but remember your profits are not only determined by your attractiveness, but also by your hours punched, promotions, networks ect.
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Pro: someone is paying you to be your sexy self! 

No matter what your income is though, you need to remember someone is paying you because you’re hot. Talk about a confidence boost.


Thank you for reading todays post. With Christmas quickly approaching, I hope you’re taking this time to be with family, eat good meals, and dress up in sexy Christmas lingerie on camera.

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What Cam Models Can’t Do

When I was a cam model, I once had a guy offer to tip me in exchange for peeing on camera. While I declined for personal reasons, I didn’t know at the time that if I had done that, I could’ve ended up suspended or banned from the site. Chaturbate, like all sites, have policies that disallow you to do certain things on camera. Here are the ones you should know:

  1. Drugs- Do them off camera.
  2. A Minor Appearing on Screen- Not only can they ban you for this, but they can also contact authorities in your region.
  3. Beastiality- This includes inanimate objects shaped like animals.
  4. “Goatse”- Stretching your asshole excessively wide.
  5. IRL Prostitution- Stay safe, my loves.
  6. Broadcasting in Public- You can broadcast outside, though, as long as it’s on private property that can’t be seen from other properties.
  7. Bodily Fluids- To quote the terms and conditions on the site, “Displays or reference to menstruation, vomit, feces, or urine are not permitted.”
  8. Multiple Men Cumming on a Woman’s Face- Self-explanatory?
  9. Incest- Lot’s of people fantasize about it, but don’t do it.
  10. Intoxicated- Gotta be sober, girlfriend.
  11. Re-directing to Third Parties- You can’t even type the word “Skype” on Chaturbate, your message won’t send it if has that word in it.
  12. Sleeping- whether real or not, you can’t show anybody sleeping on camera.

If you’re looking to do, or see these things, maybe check out a porn site? Thanks for reading! See you next week.


6 Common Scams

Pretending to be a Family Member 

Personally, this one hasn’t happened to me, but other models have talked about it. It’s also not so much a scam, but more of a stupid trick designed to rattle you. Essentially, a person enters your chat room pretending to be a family member of yours, freaking out that they’ve found you.

Photoshopped Gift Receipts

If you use Amazon as a payment method, this will guaranteed happen to you. Somebody will say they’ve sent you a gift, and produce a fake receipt to prove it. It’s easy to do this, either by using photoshop, or by actually buying the item then cancelling the order. For this reason, it’s best to only accept gift cards and purchase items yourself.

Password Show

Once you start camming, you’ll be advertised as being a new cam model, making you a prime target for this scam. Somebody will come on and tell you a word that’ll “promote your show”, when in all actuality you’re setting up a password show. Check the link for Password Shows vs. Private Shows.

woman inside basin
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Profile Designer Scam

It won’t be long before you want your cam page to look pretty & professional. To achieve this, you’re going to need a profile designer. If someone says they need to log into your account to set this up, they’re lying and they’re going to send themselves your tokens. Profile designers will actually send you a code that you will copy and paste into your bio- no password required.

Location-tracking Links

A new scam, and the most dangerous. It works like this: somebody sends you a link, and on your end it doesn’t seem to work. On theirs, they receive your location. Easy black mail material.

“Do This & I’ll Send a Good Tip”

And of course, who could forget the most classic of scams? You won’t make it a week of camming without seeing the infamous like “Do *insert thing that definitely requires a tip* and I’ll send a crazy amount of tokens.” Obviously, the tokens never come.


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When Your Job is to Masturbate

Your job is to masturbate, and while that’s as awesome as it sounds, it can be difficult to keep things hot and heavy. Here’s a quick list of tips to get you through hours of touching yourself.

  1. Invest in lube.

    Do it. Do it. Nobody can stay wet forever, and your vagina will thank you. Here’s a super helpful resource for picking out the right kind for your needs.

  2. While you’re investing: sex toy cleaner.
    This one isn’t a method of keeping things lubricated, but I thought it was important enough to make the list. Assumably, you’ll be using toys. Stay sanitary, ladies and gentlemen.
  3. Have a partner help you out.
    You get paid for sending nudes, but whose sending you private photos? Before going online, or while you’re on, consider have someone in your real life get you in the mood. I’ve known girls who’ve had their boyfriends sext them as they’re performing to help keep them feeling sexy. Not a bad idea, in my opinion.

    grayscale photo of naked woman
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  4. No partner? No problem.
    Porn! Or in my case, erotica! I have a private tumblr account devoted to it, and that was all I ever needed to get me good and prepared for some hot alone time. Thank you, internet.

For safety tips, click here. Don’t forget: if it goes in your butt, it shouldn’t go in your vagina, or mouth afterward & always pee after vaginal penetration. Happy masturbating. Stay wet, friends.

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Making Money Offline

You’ve turned the camera off, you’ve got somewhere to be. Great news, you can still profit. Here’s a list of ways to make money while offline.

Sell Your Snapchat

Here’s how: Make a photo collection for tokens, making the second photo an image with your Snapchat username over it. Chaturbate will show the first photo as a preview of the image set, so I used the Snapchat logo.

Sell Your Nudes

Like selling your snapchat, you can do this by selling a photo set on your profile. Anyone who checks your account when your offline will have the opportunity to purchase your sexy pictures.

Fan Clubs

Members of your Fan Club should get special access to your content. Examples of this would be your photo collections, social media, customized videos, panties ect.

ass beach bikini enjoyment
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Sell Your Used Underwear

Speaking of panties, you can sell ’em. You can’t sell them through Chaturbate, but you can sell through another site and link it to your twitter & camming accounts. Be sure to use a website that is designed for this as most buy and sell websites do not allow used underwear to be sold.


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